The Maguire Gallery

Collages by Deborah Maguire Meehan


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Gray Catbird  11" x 18" reddot.gif (297 bytes)
Anarchy   11" x 18"
Barn-Swallow  11" x 18"
Labyrinths   11"x18"
Eastern Phoebe  11"x18" reddot.gif (297 bytes)
Paths of Enlightenment   11"x18"
Flicker 11" x 18" reddot.gif (297 bytes)
People   11"x18"
Three Birds   11"x18"  reddot.gif (297 bytes)
Mockingbird   11"x18"
Nuthatch and Titmouse  11"x18"
Mr. Cardinal   6"x9"  reddot.gif (297 bytes)
Ms. Cardinal   6"x9"  reddot.gif (297 bytes)
Red Bellied Woodpecker   16" x 24"
Redwinged Blackbird  11"x18"

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