The Maguire Gallery 

Edith Lueders Diehl and Frank Duke Diehl


Edith Lueders Diehl, "Mimi" to her ten grandchildren, was born August 17, 1887, and was orphaned at the age of six when both her parents died of TB.  She was raised by her aunt, and because her aunt wouldn't buy her a paintbrush, she painted as a child by wrapping cotton around a stick.  Reproduced here are some of her painted trays.  She died in 1960, at her farm house in Berks County, PA.

babypainting.jpg (33382 bytes)mimi's tray #2
Two painted trays

Frank "Duke" Diehl, born in 1892, was a sometime artist and poet.  In his twenties he served as a ambulance attendant at the front in France in WWI, was a victim of mustard gas attacks and returned to the U.S. addicted to alcohol and morphine; his addictions hounded him his whole life until his death in 1944 at the age of 52.  After returning from WWI he attended Phila. School of Industrial Design, now University of the Arts, for a year.
You can see a larger selection of his art here.




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