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Sligo Pub in Concordville, west of Philadelphia,
hung four 6 ft. high prints on canvas, Lady Gregory (above), Yeats, and John B. Keane

Beckett's Public House, Chicago - custom-sized
print on canvas hangs over the fireplace.

wilde O'Shea's
Wilde Bar, Chicago, a beautifully framed full-size
print on canvas hangs over the fireplace.

Full-size prints on canvas before I shipped
them stretched and ready to frame to
O'Shea's Pub in Louisville.

finnegan's wakefinnegan's Wake

Finnegan's Wake, Nanjing, China - on the left a custom-sized print on canvas of Brendan Behan,
and on the right a print on paper of Galway Street Musician, one of several of my
Irish musicians originals and prints on their walls.

beckett ocasey hideaway
Lynch's Hideaway, a library-themed bar in Stroudsburg, PA. 
On the walls are seven beautifully framed paper prints of Irish Writers.


BELOW: "Conversation piece" paintings
you could design a room around...


Inishmaan Pub

The rich red-brown bar front at the Teach Ósta pub on Innishmaan.
Decades of customers have worn a long blonde stripe on the paneling with their knees.
The original is 3' wide, prints can be done at ANY size to fit your needs.

(Maybe you saw this painting and eight others on the walls of the Irish Pub set of ABC's "Whiskey Cavalier."



Dunree Head

A painting the color of fine Irish whiskey, rich and masculine, 4 ft. wide by 28 inches deep in a gorgeous, elegant frame



Donegal Castle: Three Survivors

The three survivors? a 15th century fortress, an ancient birch tree,
and an old, battered but magnificent frame.  A dominant,
tone-setting painting, that would look great behind a bar or in an elegant dining room.

donegal castledonegal castle painting



Allihies Parish

The original has sold, but I can make gorgeous prints on canvas any size, bigger or smaller than
the original -- 5 feet high, 3 ft. wide.  This unusual vertical landscape is a painting of Allihies,
the tiny town tucked under the montains in West Cork Beara peninsula, the soutwesternmost point of the
Irish mainland. If you've got the height on your restaurant wall, or behind the bar,
this will be a conversation piece.  5 foot high print would cost $1150.

allihies parish painting West Cork, Ireland



Kylemore Lough

42 inches wide by 28 inches high, this big dramatic painting looks great from across the room and,
when viewed up close, reveals new details including sheep on the hillside
and individual drops of rain from a recent shower clinging to the branches. $2700

kylemore lough



Loughros Beg Morning

48 inches wide by 30 inches high, this big dramatic painting is like a scene from an Irish myth.
It is especially effective when placed on a dark wall.  $2750

loughros beg morning painting of ireland



Ireland from Heaven - print on canvas

The orginal painting is 5' wide by 2' high, and now resides
in the Wayside Pub in Lake Jackson, Texas. 

BUT I can make prints on canvas that size...
or even bigger -- a spectacular visual that will have your customers remembering
their last trip to Ireland... or their last trip home.

Ireland from Heaven



Connor Pass co limerick print on canvas*

Five feet wide by 30 inches high, this BIG dramatic painting would dominate a room and
make a sophisticated "statement" about your pub or restaurant.

*The original oil has sold but before it was shipped I had a high resolution
scan made actual size, so I can make full-size (or even bigger) prints on canvas.

connor pass



Gougane Barra - print on canvas*

*The original oil has sold and hangs in the dining room of the Gougane Barra Hotel in Co.Cork, Ireland.
It's a painting you can get lost in and powerful enough to build a room around, and
I've had an actual size high resolution scan made, so I will be able to make
full-size (or even bigger) prints on canvas.

Gougane Barra Paintings of Irleand




Rusty Ireland

A ongoing series of paintings all with red-orangy rust colorschemes, of old boats, pubs,
and other "rusted" remants of old Ireland. I can make prints on canvas of any of these.

rust wall

kilmainham draioch na mara st brendans cove weasterly yoeman lyons pub





I Remember Ireland sold sold

I Remember Ireland has moved in to stay at Lynch's Hideaway in Stroudsburg, PA.
Painted on two canvases with overlapping frames, it's making a dramatic statement
behind the bar.  34" x 27"





A simple presentation of an actual size Yeats print

A customer made a stunning presentation of a full-size W.B.Yeats print on canvas,
framed in a simple black frame on an elegant wallcovering.



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